The Pelicans Have What Draft Pick?!

The Pelicans have shocked the NBA world by landing the first pick in this years NBA draft. The consensus first round pick Zion Williamson will most likely be wearing a New Orleans Pelicans jersey this upcoming fall. With the unfortunate unlucky season that not only the Pelicans suffered but, the entire city was quite devastating. With the Saints losing this year to Anthony Davis wanting to leave the Pelicans, its been a tough few months for New Orleans fans. However, things finally turn up for the city as they have a chance to draft one of the most talked about prospects in NBA history being Zion Williamson.

The Pelicans have an opportunity to make history next month. Not only can the Pelicans draft Zion Williamson, but they can manage to rebuild by just using the draft. In other words, the Pelicans control this year's draft due to Anthony Davis previous request earlier this year. Sources say that Anthony Davis’s decision for wanting out of the franchise still has not changed. What this potentially means is, the Pelicans can use Anthony Davis to rebuild and get not only another high draft pick but other assets that could help build their roster. The Lakers are the prime target for the Pelicans to use the draft to rebuild. With the Lakers acquiring the fourth pick in the NBA draft, the Pelicans can now not only get a top player on the Lakers roster like a Brandon Ingram or a Kyle Kuzma but can now also have another chance at getting a top prospect. This is a scary concept to think about due to, the Pelicans having the potential chance of becoming one of the best upcoming teams in the NBA. However, as hinted earlier Anthony Davis wants to be traded to a different organization. Now before Anthony Davis rushes into making that decision, let's take a look into what exactly he is potentially missing out.

Should Anthony Davis Consider Staying In A Pelicans Uniform?

On January 28, 2019, the NBA world was going ballistic with the eventual news of Anthony Davis announcing to be traded. Most people felt that Anthony Davis should consider leaving as the Pelicans failed to build a successful roster around him. With the 2018 playoffs being Anthony Davis’s best season in terms of playoff success, the Pelicans have been rather underwhelming since drafting him back in 2013. However, for the first time since Anthony Davis been drafted, the Pelicans have a chance to become the dominant team they have always been desired to conquer. From bad management from previous General Managers, the Pelicans finally have a chance to have potentially their best season in their franchise's history. Anthony Davis will finally have that potential superstar alongside him to help the Pelicans make a stronger, more dominant playoff push compared to previous seasons.

Before the Pelicans received the news of acquiring the first overall draft pick, most people agreed with Anthony Davis’s on requesting a trade. However, the idea of pairing up a player like Zion Williamson and Anthony Davis with other pieces such as Jrue Holiday, and potentially resigning Julius Randle, the Pelicans have a chance to reach their highest potential in franchise history. The raw strength and intensity that the Pelicans would possess would be through the roof considering their brute strength. Defensively, this roster is going to be a very hard team to get passed. The depth of the Pelicans improved with players such as Jahlil Okafor, Elfrid Payton, E’Twaun Moore, and potentially Stanley Johnson depending on where he wants to take his career.

Obviously, this Pelicans team needs some more work in order to ensure future success, unlike this season. Before Anthony Davis makes his official stance on leaving the Pelicans, he should highly consider what the Pelicans have to offer. The idea of having two dominant players in Anthony Davis and Zion Williamson on the same team is rather spine-tingling. With Zion Williamson at the power forward position and Anthony Davis at the center position, the potential that they have would be as high as Tim Duncan and a David Robinson duo.

If the Pelicans want to keep their star franchise player in Anthony Davis, they would have to make a compelling argument in order to ensure his loyalty to the organization. However, If the Pelicans fail to convince Anthony Davis to stay with the team, the future still looks bright due to what the Pelicans could get in return for a potential Anthony Davis trade package.

Should We Question The Lottery?

Considering that the Pelicans were projected to receive the sixth pick in this year's draft really makes you question if the NBA draft is rigged or not. The Cleveland Cavaliers in the last few years had multiple first rounds picks with terrible odds. The theory of Cleveland attaining those picks in consecutive years was, the NBA was confident enough that Lebron James was going to reunite with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This relates to the Pelicans attaining the first pick in the draft because of, Anthony Davis’s desire for joining the Lakers.

Now that the Lakers have attained the fourth pick in the NBA draft, means that acquiring Anthony Davis will not be as hard of a task. Previously, the Lakers were prepared to give up most of their young talent for Anthony Davis. However, with this draft pick, the Lakers have leeway for proposing an attractive trade. The Lakers can potentially keep more of their core than before due to this draft pick.

Closing Thoughts

The Pelicans rebuild has officially come to a close. By attaining this pick in this year's draft determines the future of the Pelicans. If Anthony Davis does consider leaving the Pelicans, the future of this organization looks bright. Zion Williamson has the opportunity to become the next Anthony Davis type of player for the New Orleans Pelicans. The city of New Orleans is back on top.