Basketball is not just a sport, it's a culture that unites people. It's so much deeper than a ball bouncing on a hardwood floor. Basketball holds stories that reaches from the players all the way to the fans.


Edmonton stingers

The Edmonton Stingers is a new promising basketball team that was just established in 2019. They are part of the CEBLeague which is, a Canadian basketball league. The Stingers are currently competing with British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

The way i’m going to connect with the team is, by connecting with the players. I believe that the true art of understanding basketball is, the players. By getting to know their life story and their journey in the world of basketball.


NBA News

The NBA is a fast paced, high adrenaline sport. It can be hard to keep up with all of the action. In my blog I pick out the most important things you need to know.


What if stories

When it comes to what if stories we all know the obvious ones like what if Derrick Rose never got injured to, what if the Seattle Super Sonics never relocated.

I dive deep into these types of stories. I look for details that people might have missed. I go further than just the surface of these stories.



The basketball world is comprised with various transactions with the human mind. Whether its getting traded or suffering an injury, the athlete’s mind can be affected in an emotional aspect. This blog focuses on relating basketball to relatable topics that happens on a regular day to day basis across the world.


The big3

The Big3 is a basketball league comprised with retired NBA players and European players that still love the game of basketball. The connection that these players still have for the game allowed Ice Cube to construct a basketball league to display the love and passion these players possess. This blog focuses on why these players are still emotionally attached to the game of basketball.


Basketball has unlocked my purpose and has guided me to what I want my life to be. My goal for this platform is to, share what aspects of basketball unlocked my love for the game.


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