What If Bradley Beal Gets Traded To The New Orleans Pelicans?

A few days ago, the New Orleans Pelicans shipped off Anthony Davis to the Lakers in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and 3 future first round picks. This trade seemed to be the only thing that the Pelicans organization was planning to do this off-season. However, with the speculations of Bradley Beal potentially getting traded, it appears that the Pelicans are still looking to improve their roster. Now although there are no other details besides Bradley Beal possibly being traded, the only thing that the NBA world can do now is, fantasize on what potential package the Pelicans would have to offer to the Washington Wizards. With John Wall being injured for another whole season, the Wizards would be giving up their franchise player as well as the most promising player on their roster. This means that this package would have to include a lot more than many of us think. The trade package that I believe the Pelicans would have to prepare for the Washington Wizards would be, Jrue Holiday who has a sizable contract for the next few seasons, the fourth overall pick the Pelicans acquired from the Anthony Davis trade, and potentially either Josh Hart or a future first round pick. Although this is a big package, this would be the only package the Wizards would be interested in accepting and here's why. The Wizards would receive a replacement at the point guard position in Jrue Holiday, Josh Hart would be a reliable scorer off the bench or even a starter, and the fourth round pick in this year's draft class that could end up being either Jarrett Culver or even RJ Barrett depending if the Knicks draft him or not. Despite the Wizards getting a few assets that could help their future, how does this trade affect the New Orleans Pelicans going forward?

The city of New Orleans has been through a roller coaster in the sports world this entire season. With Anthony Davis now officially traded away to the Lakers to, the Saints losing in the championship finals against the Los Angele's Rams, New Orleans has been through a lot. However, in the basketball world, the Pelicans look to be one of the most promising future teams in the entire NBA after not only attaining the first round pick in this year's draft but also, acquiring multiple young assets from the Lakers. Yet despite all of this, the Pelicans organization is still not done as they are planning to pursuit Bradley Beal. With Bradley Beal just entering 26 years of age on June 28, 2019, the potential that Beal carries has only, which is why is trade value is as high as it is. The Pelicans would offer Bradley Beal a chance to grow as he would have the keys to run the offence at the guard position. Having Lonzo Ball as your primary facilitator of the basketball would allow Bradley Beal to commit more shots as a spot up shooter. Beal would also have the opportunity to be a leader on this team, considering that he already has that experience when John Wall went down with that horrible injury. Defensively, Bradley Beal would be a crucial contributor as he is known for being one of the better defenders at his position. The Pelicans would process smoothly, considering that they would have balance offensively as well as defensively. If Brandon Ingram as an example, has troubles defending his position, Bradley Beal or potentially Zion Williamson would be able to fill that void and vice versa. Bradley Beal is also a complete basketball player on both ends of the court, which is why he is such a valuable player. If Bradley Beal does get traded to the New Orleans Pelicans, this organization would have the potential to make the playoffs in just the first year of their rebuild. Although Beal would leave the only franchise he ever played for, the situation in Washington does not suit the needs for him since there is nothing to look forward to. With the Pelicans, however, not only does their franchise look promising in the future, but Beal would also have a higher chance to win a championship with New Orleans compared to the Washington Wizards.

To bring back the potential trade, the New Orleans Pelicans would propose a deal of, Jrue Holiday, Josh Hart or a future first round pick, and the fourth overall pick in this year's draft in exchange for Bradley Beal. Overall, both teams benefit in this trade. The Pelicans would trade away Jrue Holiday who has a sizable contract however is also one of the best if not the best guard defender the NBA has. Josh Hart and the fourth pick in this year's draft is a lot to give up considering how much talent this year's selection of players holds in addition to Josh Harts room for growth. This would allow the Wizards to focus more on developing their players such as Thomas Bryant, Bobby Portis, Josh Hart and even Jabari Parker in addition to their 2 lottery protected first round picks in this year's draft. The Wizards would eliminate all the expectations they have in building a team around Bradley Beal and instead embark on a journey for a new beginning for this franchise.

Overall, both teams benefit in this trade. The Pelicans would acquire another proven young talent to their roster, and the Wizards would begin a new rebuild and potentially a new franchise player for them to work with. Out of all the offers out there for Bradley Beal, the Pelicans have the most to offer for the Wizards organization if they want to have a new beginning. Despite still having John Wall on the roster with his atrocious contract, the Wizards would be able to rebuild successfully by developing the young talent they already have. This trade allows both teams to embark on an incredible rebuild to one day achieve an NBA championship. If the Wizards managed to acquire the fourth pick in this year's draft, which player do you see the Wizards drafting?

Texas Tech’s Jarrett Culver and Virginia’s De’Andre Hunter

Texas Tech’s Jarrett Culver and Virginia’s De’Andre Hunter

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