About Husain Dhooma

My love for basketball started at a young age. The players and the teams are what truly make the sport great. Growing up, I learned the most I could about them. And now I have a platform to share my side of this beautiful game.

Basketball has been a part of my DNA. From all the stories that I have learned from different players all the way to the, different origins of franchises; really unlocked my passion for the game. On this platform, those stories that I have accumulated over the years and the new stories that I will find on my journey will all be shared.


Sports Writer for the Edmonton Stingers

Cameraman/ Director Of Photography. I worked in conjunction with Sports Net Canada.

Trained in score keeping basketball games.

Worked in conjunction with Keyano College for numerous community projects, and photographer for social media outlets.

IFFSA Greenroom Sports Coordinator


Completed my NCCP Coaching Licence.

Studying Sports Journalism at Macewan University